Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Finally Finished Frogging

I don't know if it's because I've been under the weather or that I wanted so badly to finish this doily - but I frogged row 11 four times, and row 12 twice! By the time I got to the last row (13) I was so determined to finish this that I stayed up until 3 am. (It helped that Michaela was up late finishing her Senior Culminating Project as well.) In any event, the Valentine's Doily is complete! The pattern is from an old White Crochet magazine and is called 'Morning Star Doily.' I won the book as part of a package in the Recycling Contest over at Crochet Partners. You have to be a member to participate but the people over there know so much about crochet - the list is moderated in part by Jean Leinhauser, founder of Leisure Arts and the American School of Needlework. (Warning: the list generates a lot of email but you can be on digest or read the archives and the wealth of information is worth the time and effort!)

Now I have two WIP's left. I am going to finish the Granny Grid Bag before starting anything else and I am determined to keep going on the Table Runner in between other projects. I have yarn for baby blankets, a cropped cardigan and surprisingly eight balls of yarn leftover from the Olympic Shrug! Plus tubs and tubs of stash that I need to use. Maybe a Homespun Scrap Blanket for a wedding gift. We shall see! We shall see! Posted by Picasa


magikjaz said...

omg that is gorgeous!

Tina Marie said...

Thanks so much!

Norah said...

That's beautiful!!