Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shrug in Action

Here's the shrug on. Below is a picture of the back. I really like the way it feels on. It was a little warm as I went to help Brianne pin her quilt onto the quilting machine at school but once outside it added just enough warmth to feel comfortable on a semi-Spring day.

As promised I have a story to tell from my trip. Sitting in the waiting room, of course crocheting, a woman looked over and commented on the Receiving Blanket I was working on. We began to visit as she is a fellow crochetier and spins her own yarn. We began to talk about Kool-aid Dyeing and other things. She told me about a Fiber Fest for spinners. I aked her if she ever felted. Oh yeah, and she began to describe the process of felting with - are you ready? - bubble wrap! Who knew?! (BTW, I finished the receiving blanket at the motel last night and am now working on the other Blanket WIP. Should be finished with that tonight and will post pics of both tomorrow.)

While I was gone I received an email from Dee of CrochetWithDee. She has been having guest bloggers while she celebrates her birthday. (Happy Birthday, Dee!) And she chose my submission as one of her guest blogs. Scroll down to Monday to see it! While you're there, browse through the rest of her stuff, check out her website. Talk about a lady having fun with crochet - Dee is fantastic!

Oh, and the sweet lady I traveled with yesterday has offered for me to go through her crochet patterns as she will not be using them anymore. She asked if I had enough yarn - silly me, I said yes! Ah well, maybe she'll offer again when I go for the patterns. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tina!
Thank you for the nice compliments; it was an honor to have you as a guest blogger! :)

If by chance you have the latest issue of "Spin Off" magazine, on one of the back pages you'll see some ladies crocheting on a modified hula hoop, sorta like a loom concept ... and to think I thought my hula hooping days were over! LOL