Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympics, Oscars and Overcoming Obstacles

I'm finished with the left sleeve. I have 5 more rows for the shoulder and will be doing the neck shaping later today. I am so excited about this project! At first I wasn't sure I would enjoy doing it (you remember my intention was that this would be for Brianne) for myself. I began to doubt my color choice, wondering if I could even adjust the pattern to fit me, I just wasn't sure it was a good project. Well now that I'm this far into it, I'm really excited about it.

You have to admit the Olympics have way of generating excitment. Before the games began, I had no idea who Shaun White was. I'm just not a snowboarding kinda gal. But it was really fun watching this guy compete. It made me want to see more. I was disappointed to see Michelle Kwan leave, but I'm anticipating seeing what Emily Hughes will show us - after all her sister came to Salt Lake in the same team position and ended up winning gold . . . I think Sasha Cohen must be nervous!

All the Olympics coverage makes me think of my favorite Olympics-themed movie Chariots of Fire. If you've never seen this film and you love the spirit of the Olympic games, watch it! It won four Oscars, including Best Picture. I would be hard pressed to say that there are any films at this years Academy Awards, that are the caliber of this movie. What I love most about this movie is that the two competitors learn to overcome the obstacles in the way of achieving their goals.

Which is how I have felt about my own 'Olympics' goal. I'm learning to overcome my expectations, my prejudices and my self-doubt to create a project worthy of the GOLD! Posted by Picasa

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