Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blog This

I'm learning to make changes on my blog and have added a new side bar category: Crochet Blogs. I am accepting "applications" for additions to the links I will list there. If you would like your blog to be considered for a link, please post your real name, your blog address, and a brief 'advertisement' of your blog (25-40 words) as a comment under this subject. I will use the following guidelines for adding blog links:


  • Content
    • Must be a crochet blog
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Not a commercial site
  • Relevance
    • Has useful tips and/or patterns
    • Updated consistently
  • Aesthetics - should be easily navigable

So . . . Get busy and bring on the blogs!


BeMedina said...

My name: Beatriz Medina
My blog: http://undisthreadness.blogspot.com/
Crochet and other fiber arts - my creations, tips and commentaries.

Stephanie said...

link me link me link me....LOL
mine is mainly crochet a lil knitting, as I just learned it...but it is also my "personal" blog so sometimes its off topic. I update daily, almost, unless on vacation. i'v started my own crochet list too. soon gonna start a list of favorite crochet links and such, just not enough hours! thanks!!

jenny said...

my name:Jenny Huff
My Blog:http://crochet-in-ohio.blogspot.com

jenny said...

My Name:Jenny Huff
My Blog:http://crochet-in-ohio.blogspot.com

my own crochet patterns and things about my family

Sônia Maria said...

My Name is Sônia Maria
My blog is www.falandodecrochet.blogspot.com
My creaton - one crochet stitch.
The name is Ponto Sônia Maria (crochet stitch Sônia Maria).
Sônia Maria

Faith said...

Hello, My name is Faith Spisak
Please find the link below to my blog Crochet By the Sea. I crochet and like simple, and vintage..