Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened

on the way to Walmart. I had to take Chloe to play practice 30 miles from home - just so happens that's the where the closest Walmart is too! =) So we planned to go to Walmart and then grab a bite to eat before practice. Well, on the way out the door we got two very important phone calls. In all the hustle and bustle I FORGOT MY CROCHET BASKET! At Walmart, I had planned on looking at the yarn anyway but now I want HAD to buy something because I was going to be at the practice for 1-1/2 hours with nothing to do. So I looked at the patterns and chose a Leisure Arts Little Book, Granny's Delight Afghans. Then I wanted to pick out the yarns. They were out of several colors of Simply Soft, which I now HAVE to try because of the discussion on the Crochet Partners List, about the propensity toward splitting, especially with Boye Hooks. So I chose a different colorway and bought yarn, an extra hook (like I didn't already have 3 "I" hooks at home!) and a basket to tote it in - all for about $25. Of course I forgot to buy scissors too, but the yarn in my teeth is a different story.

As we were heading into the practice Chloe says to me: "Mom, I can tell you can't go anywhere without crocheting!" Well - yeah - if she had to wait an hour and a half for me somewhere she'd want something to do too, right? At the practice I got 11 squares done. I noticed that the yarn is wound rather loosely and could split if not careful but even though I was using a Boye Hook, I had no problems with it. I'm thinking that the looseness of the wind is part of what makes it so soft. (The opposite could be said of RH - the tightness of the wind is what makes it so stiff)

I also figured out the seamless finish on the Grannies that Dee was talking about on her blog on Monday. That was exciting! It really does make a wonderful finish - a real professional look.

So yesterday my promise was that I would not start a new WIP before I finished the Granny Grid Bag - but circumstances beyond my control (hee) - caused me to break that promise. (Hangs head in shame) Oh well, such is life at the Cottage: Grant me the serenity . . . and if I can't tell the difference - Crochet on!


Norma said...

Tina, I finally got around to checking out your blog and I think it's great! Loved your photos and stories. Your work is beautiful!

Tina Marie said...

Thanks Norma! I appreciate your kind words!