Saturday, February 26, 2011

What’s a Blogger to Do?

So after that last thrilling post some three years ago my crochet habit just waned. It isn’t that I haven’t crocheted at all in the past three years, I just didn’t find the time or inclination to blog about it. No great loss for you really but even so … why have a blog if I’m not going to use it, right? So what’s a blogger to do?

Well, just pick up where I left off, much like any other work-in-progress. Speaking of which, I was looking through some old posts the other day and realized I haven’t finished my Bye Bye Birdie Blanket. Oh, Chloe would be pleased to see that done!

I also have some other unfinished projects (no big surprise there!) that I am systematically planning to tackle. A couple of baby blankets that I will probably donate to CareNet, a doily or two, a scarf, some dishcloths. Okay! So I’m really hooked here … pun intended.

I am hopeful though that many of these projects are going to get tackled this year. Partly because I am going through a process of organizing at home and partly because I have some motivation from a group of friends who also love to crochet and knit. We held our first Crochet and Pray the other day, and have plans to get together again soon. We found a great Groupon for yarn!

So like all good works-in-progress, don’t give up on the Cottage yet. I think we have a great year ahead of us!