Friday, February 24, 2006

(Not too) Bad Case of YAS

Went to the city today. Had to get my eyes checked. While I'm sitting in the waiting room, a lady picked up a magazine from the table next to me. I was crocheting on the doily and she says "Nice doily. You don't see too many knitting like that with tiny thread anymore. Well, ones that don't have gray hair!" I chose not to correct her because I was too interested in what she meant by "one's that don't have gray hair." I mean - I don't have gray hair but are there really no threadies who are younger women? Saucy me says, "Really? I must not get out much because I did not know that!" "No really . . ." She was wearing a Fun Fur Skinny Scarf. I asked her if she knitted it. She did. Now I'm really confused because - did she really not know that I was crocheting, not knitting? If I had not been called into my appointment, I would have been obliged to . . .

The last time I had my eyes dilated it took me all day to recover - today I decided I'd take a little time before I drove the 60 miles home and do a little browsing. ;-) Two crafts stores later, this is what I had:

You can't tell very well in the picture but there are two skeins of TLC Baby for another receiving blanket. The Bernat CottonTots will make baby booties and maybe a hat. Paton's BeMine for hats and booties. And the others are all sale items - Blush in Persimmon (reg. $8.99 for only $1.99), two skeins of Sullivan's Sensuale blue/purple for $1.25 each and one skein of Sullivan's Sparkle in Agate for $1.99. Not a bad day's browsing - especially with a little blurred vision.

The baby yarns were all for dedicated projects but the others - well, a girl can be impulsive every once in a while can't she? Posted by Picasa

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Stephanie said...

yummy!! lol
I want to buy yarn...
I have to get some for the blanket I wanna make. just a couple lil skeins..thats all (yeah right!)
I am gonna pursue my first knit project soon, I have to use circular needles...ahhh
I bet that lady didnt really "knit" that scarf!!
liar, liar, her pants are on fire!!
and I dont have grey hair, yet, I bet the thread will give it to me though!! I tried one doily, the kitty one that was in annies attic thingy, I did ok, but I dont know how to make it all straight and purty, so i hung it up for know..