Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WIP - Table Runner

This is the modest start I have on my table runner.

Having a two year old around the house this week while my friend C is getting ready to come home with baby has left little time for crochet. But I wouldn't trade this week for anything! We've had a lot of fun visiting baby, playing hard . . .and we've even had a few naps in the process.

With Superbowl coming on Sunday, it's safe to say it might not be done in time but we're hoping to have a great party anyway! How can we not, watching our beloved Seahawks in their first ever Superbowl appearance!? J & C will be here with new baby and family. C and I have great plans to continue our needling of DH who was mistaken for baby's Grandpa in the hospital!

Big brother tried to take over the newest blanket I'm making. I already have someone in mind for it so I now have a new WIM. I think I'll make a huge Granny Square with Wool-ease in "Wood" What a manly little blanket that will make! Posted by Picasa

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