Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Receiving Blanket

I finished this while waiting in the doctor's office on Monday. In the pic you can really see that the pattern made by the variegation changes. It doesn't look this pronounced in person (thankfully) and I'm really pleased with the results. The finished measurements are about 22-1/2" x 23", perfect for a newborn.

I found out that the baby this was to be for is definitely a boy. So I'm thinking about making him something a little different and saving this for the next baby, which is due in June. I just about have enough time to do a different blanket before April - but that means abandoning my resolve to finish all other WIP's first. At least I already have the yarn for it! =)

I still have four or five rounds, plus a border on my giant granny square blanket - I got into watching the skating last night and would stop crocheting to watch. I may or may not finish it tonight, so keep checking for those pics.

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