Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentine's Gifts Are Finished

I finished Chloe's purse just minutes ago. Just in time to begin my Crochet Olympics project - which I couldn't begin last night because we were at a baby shower. Tonight we are having friends over to watch their hometown girl try for a gold medal in the women's moguls. I have to do my swatch gauge first, and I hope I can concentrate a little on the games while I'm crocheting. The Olympics are going to be a real social event in our home this year. We have several friends who don't normally watch tv and we've invited them to come in and see it with us anytime. Hope all my Team Wearables teammates are doing well. See you at the Medals Ceremony! Posted by Picasa


Kawano said...

It is beautiful. great work.

elaine.triquetra said...

Oh, I love that purse! Is that your own pattern? I have started the olympics, but just tore out the start of the piece, didn't like the way the stitch was looking, now I am starting over with a slanted v stitch that will be much warmer (it's for a poncho). Will stay up late tonight to catch back up! tee-hee. What are u working on?

Tina Marie said...

triquetra - thanks for your kind words! The pattern is from the Lion Brand website, it's the Valentine's Stripe Purse. Pretty easy although I tweaked the pattern a little. I only used one strand of the chenille. And it did take just a little more than one skein of the Homespun. You can see my swatch gauge on my blog now, for my Crochet Olympics project. Can't wait to see what everyone else does! Let me know if you post your finished projcet somewhere!