Thursday, February 09, 2006

First Valentine's Purse Done!

Wow, I really am back in the groove. I worked this up yesterday, between being a reading tutor, working with the kids at church, worship team practice, and dinner with pastor and his wife. Total time spent was about four hours! I couldn't find a 'real' button that worked with the back so I crocheted one. The pattern is one from Leisure Arts Leaflet #3775 called In The Bag. Of course I tweaked the pattern to be more of what Brianne would like - which means I made it a little bit smaller, used a different weight of yarn, and crocheted the button.

Michaela's purse comes from the same booklet. I am still planning on the Striped Purse for Chloe. Of course, I have to have them done - not only in time for Valentine's Day - before the Crochet Olympics begin! Unfortunately, I'm going to get a late start on that project! The baby shower for my new little friend is at the same time as the opening ceremonies. I'm not worried much though, if I truly have my groove back, I think I can handle it.

The challenge in my particular project is that this is the first time I have done a garment and I am enlarging it slightly from the pattern. I had thought to do it for Brianne, but she decided at the last minute that she wouldn't care for it as much as she first thought (that's no BIG surprise!) Then I realized I had the perfect weight and quantity of yarn to make it for me! I had ordered 16 skeins of Debbie Bliss wool/cotton to make a sweater a while back and it was tucked safely away in it's original shipping carton, just waiting for it's chance at the big time. Now it has dreams of Olympic glory - or at least of being crafted into something a bit more functional! Posted by Picasa

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