Monday, March 06, 2006

Real Time Blog Photos Are Back

The girls are back from the state tournament (the boys got 2nd!) and so is the camera. So here is a current photo of what I will refer to as the Bye Bye Birdie Blanket - since I will be working on it primarily during rehearsals while I wait for the girls! At home I am working on the Granny Grid Bag and that will go with me tomorrow as I am off the city again. That is where I hope to stop at a "real" yarn store and maybe buy some wool for felting.

I missed the new Oxygen Network show yesterday - Stitchcraft with Lily Chin. It is supposed to air again Friday. By all accounts on the CP List, it was interesting although this episode was not very hip to crochet. It sure would be nice if there were more out there for the serious crochetiers.

This week marks the three-month countdown for Michaela's graduation and Chloe's leaving. I know the time is going to fly by and I haven't started a project for either of them. I want each of them to have something that is a visual reminder of mom with them and since I rarely have a day without a hook in hand, I'd like it to be crocheted. I know that Chloe will cherish anything mom makes her but Michaela is a little more - shall I say, discerning. She won't want anything that is not functional (did I mention she's joined the Navy?) or that will clutter her life. Maybe I'll just make her a nice watch cap! Posted by Picasa

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