Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wool It Felt?

I hope it will! That's why I bought it! I had the most fabulous experience at a yarn store today. For any of you who are in or around A Grand Yarn, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Their website is just now being developed so what they have up right now is a list of classes and a list of brands they carry, but not pictures or prices yet. Even so, the classes list is exhaustive. They teach knitting AND CROCHET! And best of all, their staff was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and when I mentioned I was a crochetier - not at all snooty! I found out they do offer the free use of a ball winder when you purchase hanks - which would have been nice if I'd had the time. They have a club card for $10 that will get you 5% off all purchases. And some of the yummiest yarns I have ever petted!

I chose some pretty pedestrian yarns for my first project (they had some delicious looking wools that would be great for future projects if I find I can do this!) But I just love the colors! I got two hanks of Cascade Pastaza which is 50% llama and has a little bit of a fuzz to it as it is felted. The other two are Cascade 220 - 100% wool. Now I just need a pattern!

I only crocheted one square today as my friend's appointment went so well she didn't have to have the 3 hour procedure done that we thought she would. Good thing DH has a meeting tonight or I might not get in as much time crocheting! Hmm, now do I keep working on WIPs or find a felting project? Which would you do?! Posted by Picasa

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