Saturday, March 04, 2006

OK, Maybe I HAVE Done Free Form Before

These are my two youngest daughters, Chloe and Brianne. (Note: Chloe is our Korean exchange daughter who has won our hearts as completely as our own daughters!)

Notice Brianne's cute little bolero? I made that Free Form (?) by crocheting a honeycomb pattern and holding it up to one of her favorite shirts for shaping. Ultimately it didn't turn out how either of us had imagined but Brianne humored me and wore it to Homecoming anyway. (Thanks, B!)

So I guess I have done a 'form' of Free Form, made possible by the understanding and experience that I have with sewing. What I really would like to try is something that is not a stitch pattern but really free-formed.

You may have noticed that the only pictures I've posted lately are older, more personal pictures than my usual "This is what I'm doing. This is what I've done." Well, my girls have the camera (which technically belongs to Michaela) at the state basketball tournament where our boys' team is playing for the State Championship tonight! Go Bears!

This is the first year DH and I haven't gone for a long time. The past two years we went as Pep Band Director and Cheer Coach. But our school cut the band program last year after a levy failure and I didn't have the energy to volunteer for a position I had been paid to do for two years. We could have gone - but it was nice not to HAVE to. We're listening to the game on the radio!

So I spent the day organizing and taking an inventory of my pattern books and magazines. I culled out some of the ones I won't use and will raid my stash to put together a package of yarn and patterns to donate to the CP Recycling Contest. I definitely have more thread patterns than yarn but I notice a broadening of my interests lately. Some of my most beloved patterns are a Tissue Box Cover in an old Women's Household Crochet magazine and Clothespin Angels in a leaflet from Leisure Arts. I have a few patterns that were my grandma's even though her true love was knitting.

Well, I've spent slightly more time blogging this week than I have crocheting this weekend, so I think I'll go put my feet up and work on some WIPs, with a cup of tea and the game in the background. Happy Crocheting for now! Posted by Picasa

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