Thursday, March 02, 2006

"It's a Wee 'umble Cottage"

I thought you all might be interested in how my page got it's name. This is where I hang my hooks, so to speak. Today's title is a line from one of our favorite movies - The Quiet Man. This picture was taken back in the Spring and hopefully, will look this way again real soon. Right now things are a little brown and dreary from the end of winter.

Regarding yesterday's post, someone over at CP posted a link to a tutorial about the seamless finish or Hidden Ends. Another link calls it Invisible Finish Off (IFO) has different pictures, same basic instructions. I think either way you can use it for more than just Granny Squares. I plan on finishing all my work this way! Wish I'd learned it sooner.

I've decided to try my hand at crocheting some socks for Christmas this year. I emailed my friend over at Flying Hooks to get a few pointers on patterns and yarn choices, so don't be surprised to see Sock WIPs in the future. I'm going to test a pair for myself first to see how easy that would be doing that many pairs this year.

I'm taking my friend back to the doctor next week and am hoping to make it to the yarn shop that I've discovered is quite close by the doctor's office. I looked it up on the 'net and found that an acquaintance from my hometown teaches knitting classes there. She'll actually be there the day we're going so I hope to get to say Hi! (And to buy some wool for a future felting project!) Posted by Picasa


Debi said...

Oh I just love your cottage!!!! It looks so inviting!!!

Tina Marie said...

So consider that an open invitation, Debi! You can bring the whole kit and kaboodle!

Debi said...

What say I fly up on Monday?! LOL (I'll just use the trusty private jet)
But really, I do love the cottage look, and I'm trying to achieve that look in my own home.