Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blogged Down

I am a little behind in blogging this week. Aside from the fact that I haven't actually finished a have only completed one project this month - I haven't been feeling well. After a gi-normous migraine and two weeks of vertigo-like symptoms and little after-thought headaches, my doctor decided to run an MRI/MRA on my brain. Nothing turned up. Well, I do have a brain (a very young looking one according to the technician!) but nothing is wrong with it that can be determined by actual scientific methods. Drat! Now I can't use that for an excuse! I am still awaiting blood tests to see if there is anything amiss otherwise.

When I got home from the test last night, I found that Chloe's mom had sent me a new set of Korean teacups. Aren't they just beautiful?! What a treat to come home to. If there's anything I love more about the Cottage, it's the fact that it is just my style. In the post below you can see where I display my teacup collection - handed down to me by my Italian grandmother who used to go to Vancouver, British Columbia, with my grandfather and an aunt and uncle every year. Each year my grandma and aunt would bring back a teacup to commemorate the trip.

I've added very few to the collection of my own, but I have a few that are very special to me. One was purchased at a friends yard sale that used to be her grandmother's. (I tried to tell her the value of such a piece but she wouldn't accept the price) Another was given to me by a friend who had me babysit her teacups until she had a place of her own to display them. This one was also her grandmother's cup. One was a lovely memento of a Women's Retreat put on by our church. I was one of the speakers that year and what a memorable time it was. I'm sure this cup must have belonged to someone's grandma once - and by the time it gets passed down, I hope I will have been a grandma. Although as young as my brain is right now I'm really not ready for that yet! Posted by Picasa

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bj said...

i think those are some of the nicest/classiest tea cups i've ever seen. there's a lot to be said for simplicity in a tea cup. hooray for Chloe's when are you guys going to Korea??