Friday, March 04, 2011

Tina’s Treasures

Downsizing from one cottage to another wasn’t easy and we still have some things in storage. On a rare occasion I was with DH while he was paying the bill for the storage unit so I asked if we could take a peek.

Of course I had an ulterior motive … I’ve been looking for a favorite pattern and thought maybe it might be in one of the boxes that was stowed away. I also knew I had yarn and thread safely tucked away in plastic totes Winking smile

Five totes later we were on our way home only to discover that the pattern I was looking for wasn’t in the box I thought it was. Bummer. But moving things around the unit had inspired my hubby and in his travels through a storage room at the house, he came across my Crochet Stitch Bible. That was a great find too and I asked him where he’d found it.

He also mentioned there were other books and patterns in the box. Could it be…? Yes! The magazine with the pattern I wanted was in there! Along with some other treasures … not the least of which are several old Workbasket magazines that belonged to my Nonna. Here’s the one I was looking for:

Crochet magazine

I’ve been dying to make a tissue box cover that is in this magazine, and because the magazine is out of print … well, there was no finding the pattern. Believe me, this magazine is not going back into a box anytime soon! With my enormous stash now safely home, I started in right away:


The reddish tint to the swatch is my phone flash I think but I should have the finished project ready to view tomorrow. Oh, how I have missed crocheting in the cottage! Tomorrow is Crochet with Jane day … a new harbor friend and fellow blogger. I can’t wait to settle with some tea and a have good long visit over our hooks (hers might be those pointy ones …) and see what we shall see!

Hope you’re having some fun today too! From the cottage, with love,


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