Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Most Favorite Pattern

The other day I posted a swatch of this project ~ my most favorite pattern of all time ~ the loveliest of tissue box covers.

Tissue Box Cover

It is from the magazine I posted on the same day as the swatch: Women’s Household Crochet Spring 1994. The pattern was created by Katherine Eng who seems to still be designing. Recently I visited a friend’s cottage in Idaho and was thrilled to discover that the cover I had made for her was lovingly displayed in the guest bathroom.

All of the covers I made with this pattern were to give to friends, so this weekend I whipped one up for my living room and started another one to add to a little stash I am hoping to earn a little money with. I recently became a grandma and would love to visit my little mister in California often! I’m also thinking of a trip to Houston next January with a good friend. It’ll take a lot of crocheting, but then again I have a lot more patterns and a little more yarn Winking smile

From the cottage, with love


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